In 1979, 21 small to medium sized, mostly regionally based enterprises involved in the bottling of carbonated soft drink and /or cordial formed ABECS, a collective buying group, established to use its inherent buying power to negotiate competitive prices with suppliers for both production and packaging requirements. Since then ABECS has grown its membership base to its current number of 47 and extended its range of suppliers to meet the expanding needs of the member base.

While bottlers of carbonated soft drink and /or cordial remain a large part of the cooperative, today, ‘still’ and ‘carbonated’ water bottlers make up a significant number of the membership.

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If your enterprise is involved in the production of goods utilising materials including glass, plastic, sugar, corrugated cardboard.
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How It


The co-operative enters into contracts, on behalf of its members, for most materials purchased by its members. These may be for an agreed period of time and/or agreed quantities. Prior to contract expiration ABECS negotiates with the incumbent and other interested parties to gain the best possible pricing together with the expected high levels of quality and service.

ABECS currently has supply agreements in place relating to the following products:

  • PET Bottles
  • Plastic closures
  • PET Preforms
  • Aluminium closures
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Corrugated cardboard cartons
  • Glass Bottles
  • Sugar

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ABC Infographic

Date: Dec, 2019 / Posted By: Dimity Lear

The Australian Beverages Council Limited (ABCL) has announced a pledge to reduce sugar in the non-alcoholic beverage industry by 20 per cent by 2025 Download PDF View PDF

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