How to become a Member?

If your enterprise’s production process utilises sugar, glass and/or plastic bottles, closures or corrugated cardboard packaging, and you wish to enjoy the benefits a collective buying group like ABECS can deliver, contact:

Companies considering membership of the co-operative should complete the below contact form. ABECS will then call to discuss whether membership will suit them and to obtain a membership application form.

    It should be noted that members are expected, as best possible, to purchase all their materials from the co-operative’s contracted/nominated suppliers.

    Joining Costs

    The cost to join the co-operative is $1,200 made up of:

    • - A 'once off'  Joining fee – $1,000 (plus GST) = $1,100
    • - A 'once off' purchase of five (5) ABECS shares @ $20 per share = $100

    Annual Subsciption

    Members are required to pay a subscription of $1,200 per annum.