Income/Expenses/Not for profit

The co-operative generates the majority of its income via two sources: rebates from suppliers and members’ subscriptions. This income covers the expenses of administration, directors meetings, conferences, AGMs and travel, amongst other things. Presently (and for many years), the co-operative’s income has exceeded its expenses and this situation is expected to continue. However, the co-operative is a not for profit organization and, at the end of the financial year, the Directors will determine the amount that is surplus to requirements and this will be returned to members. The amount returned to each member will be determined by each member's annual level of purchases from our contracted/nominated suppliers. 

For a copy of ABECS’ latest balance Sheet and Profit and Loss please contact Peter Gadsden at peter.gadsden@abecs.com.au


ABECS provides collective buying power opportunities for small to medium size enterprises' purchasing of production and packaging material.


If your enterprise is involved in the production of goods utilising materials including glass, plastic, sugar, corrugated cardboard plastic and metal closures, click here to take advantage of ABECS' collective buying power

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